This page is all about the airsoft crazy Dirty Dutch Airsoft Group. A team founded in march 2014. We are a fair and true operating airsoft assault team. If the mission objective allows us, you'll find us on the front of the lines, if possible behind enemy lines. We consist of a variety of members. Ex-military, fanatics, and enthousiasts. We do have one thing in common. We have a lot of heart, love for the Airsoft sport and be it always in a fair way; we wanna win! Serious and fanatic on the field, relaxed and chillin' in the safety. We don't want to grow into a big group. Max 20 members. We don't recruit at the moment. But for the sake of information: when we do, we have some preferences and demands concerning new team members. Interested? At least like this page and look us up on the field or by message. We have team camo and outfits. New members will require to have all the necessary gear and outfit within 2 months. Don't like that? Fair enough. You won't join Dirty Dutch Airsoft Group. :) Hope to see you all on the airsoft fields! And remember the most important rules of airsoft fighting: 1. Have a fully loaded airsoft replica! a. Preferably have at least two fully loaded replica's b. Bring all of your friends, who have fully loaded replica's. ;) Dirty Dutch out.